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を合言葉に、2011年5月1から、Surround2011(Yokohama Surround Users Group)のメンバーを中心に活動を始めました。


About us - Nature Sounds Society Japan (NSSJP) [ 日本語 ]

There has been two field recording booms, both inspired in a major way by the innovations of the well-known Sony Corporation. The first boom, called “Nama-roku” (raw recording / field recording / on-site recording) started in Japan during the mid 1970s, spurred on at that time by the introduction of the first portable professional tape recorder developed and manufactured by Sony. The second more recent boom started just after the start of the new millennium, again by Sony, but this time with the introduction of the MD Walkman minidisc recorder; however this second boom has been more sustained and universal, as smaller more portable high resolution audio recorders are continually being developed and marketed by various manufacturers, together with a wealth of pc based audio processing software.

As a result of this more recent boom, a need was identified by like-minded field recordists to share audio files, information on recording techniques, equipment reviews and scheduled location recording workshops; as a result the Nature Sound Society Japan (NSSJP) was formed on 01 May 2011 with 40 members from the Surround2011.org - Yokohama Surround Users Group.

The NSSJP mission is to enjoy field recording by capturing sounds from the great outdoors; sharing and listening to them and making them available for others to enjoy.

Current membership of NSSJP includes students, hobbyists, musicians, sound artists, DJs and professional sound engineers from around Japan, with all members having equal responsibility. Membership is open to everyone with no recording restrictions applied; the only requirements being that members should make field recording contributions available to the Society, and generally promote the art of field recording.

The NSSJP welcomes new members by joining our facebook (Gmail address required) and to participate in NSSJP's  DIY and volunteer-based free workshop activities. A schedule of forthcoming activities is available at calendar.

The Society has three administrators each elected for a one-year term. Currently they are: Yasuhiro Miki, Takatomo Miyasaka, Rocky Araki (Year2011)

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石岡くんは、この二本の足でしっかり立っている。 ”
by 黒澤 明( EIKO by EIKOより