May 24, 2011

Comparing Binaural and XY Stereo 滝のフィールドレコーディングでバイノーラル録音とXYステレオ方式の比較

2011-05-21(Sat) Nikko, Tochigi, Japan
Shiraito Waterfall 白糸の滝 > Download Flac Audio file (96kHz24Bit)

< Close to the waterfall >
1: Binaural - Splash (Adphox BME-200 + Sony PCM-D50) *
2: XY Stereo - Splash (Zoom H4n, Internal Microphone)

< 16 feet away from the waterfall, Left - Waterfall, Rigth - Flow >
3: Binaural - Flow (Adphox BME-200 + Sony PCM-D50) *
4: XY Stereo - Flow (Zoom H4n, Internal Microphone)

Ref. Audio Field Recorder's comment

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Shiraito Waterfall in Surround Sound 白糸の滝サラウンドフィールドレコーディング
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ローランド CS-10EM バイノーラルマイクロホン 7,800yen

Adphox BME-200 Binaural Mic 21,000yen

* Binaural Recorded by Japan Premier Sound


  1. Listening on headphones, the XY recordings of both splash & flow provide a more realistic and fuller sound, the binaurals seem to be lacking in response somewhat, with a slight hole in the centre of the stereo field.

    Nice recordings though - thanks!

  2. Listening on 7506s, the XY "splash" is severely lacking in detail - basically white noise with a very slight low burble. The H4n's onboard mics do tend to result in recordings with overly prominent high mids. I much prefer the binaural of this one.

    "Flow" sounds rich and detailed to me in both binaural and XY, with (again) the brighter recording coming from the Zoom mics. I do agree with AFR about the slight hole in the binaurals -- they feel almost artificially wide when compared to the XY (though not in an entirely unpleasant way).