July 20, 2012

BS-3D Binaural Sphere (T.H.E. Audio) Review - Field Recording at Totoro Forest

2012-07-23 Sayama Hills, Saitama.

2012-07-20 Sayama Hills, Saitama.
Recording samples will be updated shortly.

T.H.E. Audio > Microphones > The binaural series > BS-3D Binaural Sphere(PDF)

Comparing Binaural and XY Stereo - バイノーラル録音とXYステレオ方式の比較
Sony PCM-D50 Review - ソニー PCM-D50の音質比較
Field recording at Sayama Hills 2011-06-11
Listen to the Earth - The state of the art Binaural Recording
Totoro Forest Project

July 07, 2012

Field Recording at Yokohama 横浜でフィールドレコーディング

2012-07-08 Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Recorder: Sony PCM-D50 (Internal Microphone,96kHz24Bit)
Recorded by Japan Premier Sound

Event log will be updated shortly.

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Time lapse Yokohama - 横浜でフィールドレコーディング 2012-02-22