October 09, 2011

KORG MR-2 Review Sample sound 2. KORG MR-2の音質比較 2:フィールドレコーディング機材レビュー

By Japan Premier Sound

・3rd generation DSD Field Recorder
・Recording DSD 2.8224MHz and PCM 24bit192kHz
・XY stereo mic, capable of rotating 210 degrees
・Records to SD or SDHD cards
・Two AA batteries
・135g 4.94oz (not including a memory card and batteries)

KORG MR-2 仕様 / Specification
KORG MR-2 取扱説明書 / Manual(PDF)
KORG MR-2 価格 39,800 yen / $699 $499

Rock Garden Stream 御岳山ロックガーデンの流れ 2011-09-25
We went to the Rock Garden take the first cable car at 7:30 AM.

Recorder: KORG MR-2(Convert from DSD to PCM 96kHz24Bit) >>> Download

Rock Garden Stream, KORG MR-2 DSDIFF(2.8MHz) >>> Download(20MB) *2

Recorder: Sony PCM-D50(96kHz24Bit) >>> Download

Ayahiro Waterfall 綾広の滝 2011-09-25
We recorded stream and waterfall as a demo.

Recorder: KORG MR-2(Convert from DSD to PCM 96kHz24Bit) >>> Download

Ayahiro Waterfall, KORG MR-2 DSDIFF(2.8MHz) >>> Download(20MB) *2

Recorder: Sony PCM-D50(96kHz24Bit) >>> Download

*1 Apple Logic Pro's MultiMeter
*2 AudioGate can playback DSDIFF files. >>> Downloadダウンロード
*3 Spectral analysis by Sonic Visualiser (Mac, Windows and Linux)

Rock Garden is a lot of interesting points for field recording. Two waterfalls and many variations of the stream. I feel good anyway! Upon arrival at the point, many people who are active early on, that people who stay at a hut? Rock Garden is a good place for families too. I want to stay at Ryokan(Japanese-style inn) next time. * Described below about route at Rock Garden.

ケーブルカー始発 07:30 滝本駅 〜 御岳山駅(往復1090円:所要時間5分)に乗って向かうは、ロックガーデン






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"Mt. Mitake, Rock Garden: It is a narrow lush green valley with beautiful waterfalls, moss covered stones and rocks and gentle streams. The garden with its raw beauty is worth visiting." by AsiaRooms.com

How to get to Mt. Mitake, Rock Garden by japan-guide.com
Cable car time-table 御岳登山鉄道 ケーブルカーの時刻表
Mt. Mitake hiking trail map 御岳山ハイキングコース

*4 Map from 御岳ビジターセンター

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